Uber/ Bolt Driver Attacked By A Nigerian In Mlolongo As Bolt Vows To Take Action.

Nigerian Attacks A Bolt Driver In Mlolongo

Bolt Kenya has become under public scrutiny again after an attack on one of its drivers got a attacked by a Nigerian in Mlolongo- Machakos County.

A tweep identified as Wambuii as shared how her mother- a Bolt or a Uber driver was attacked with broken bottles and a pebble yesterday by a guy who disguised as a passenger.

The Nigerian she says boarded the vehicle with a broken sprite bottle and a stone hitting her mom on the head severally;

Nigerian Attacks A Bolt Driver In Mlolongo
A Car After Attack In Mlolongo

“My mum got attacked Jana by a guy disguised as a passenger huko mlolongo, she does Uber/bolt. The guy alikuwa ameingia na mawe na a broken sprite glass bottle, hitting her on the head severally.I think alikuwa aibe gari but wakaingia kwa ditch akienda kutorora akashikwa na mob😭,”

She added that the guy was a Nigerian and was decended on by mob whom Wambuii cannot clearly tell whether he survived or not after many inquiries from her followers;

Nigerian Attacks A Bolt Driver In Mlolongo
A Car After Attack From A Nigerian In Mlolongo

“The guy was Nigerian, this happened around 8:30 last night- Thank you 🙏
I hope so too, sijui kama alimake it out hapo juu hata police walikataa kumchukua coz he was in a bad state,” ( I Do not know whether he made because he was in a bad state even police officers did not bother picking him,”

A Car After Attack From A Nigerian In Mlolongo
A Car After Attack From A Nigerian In Mlolongo

Meanwhile Bolt after so many rants from the followers, also weighed in on the matter saying that they are going to take action and confirmed that they are in contact with the two who were involved;

“Hi, we’re very concerned to hear this and will like to follow up to provide the needed assistance. Please contact us via our email at kenya@bolt.eu or through the Support section in the Bolt app. Our safety team is waiting for your message and is ready to help,” Bolt Kenya responded.

“Hi, we’re very concerned to hear about this unfortunate incident as we don’t condone violence on our platform. We are currently investigating this matter and we’re in contact with all parties involved,”

“We will offer our full support to the police as they further investigate this issue. Due to the sensitivity of this case, we cannot comment further until the investigation is completed,” read another statement from Bolt Kenya.

So many of Wambuii’s followers suggested measures to be taken by Bolt to ensure that such incidence do not happen again – others also pointed out to Nigerians of having unbecoming behavior especially while in Kenya.

“So sorry. I pray that she gets better and goes back to work. The cabs should have a panic button , a camera and also a shield between the driver and passengers,” Carole.

“Nigerians are robbing people even in foreign countries?” Propesa.

“propesa There are good and bad people everywhere. When you focus on nationality, you’re going down the xenophobia route,” pseudo.

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