Evalyne Wanjiru Who Was Left With A Surgical Needle In Womb Set To Undergo A Third Collective Surgery

Muranga Woman With A Needle In Her Womb

Evalyne Wanjiru who was left with part of a surgical needle in her birth canal during delivery set to undergo a third collective surgery.

She was delivering at Kirwara County Hospital when after delivery medics informed her that the surgery needle had broken and they could not trace it.

Muranga Woman With A Needle In Her Womb
Needle : Photo Courtesy

“Nilipata delivery ya mtoto vizuri, lakini nikishonwa nikaambiwa sindano ya daktari imekatika,Akaniambia ajaribu kuguza guza mahali alikuwa anashona nimwambie kama naiskia,” Evalyne Wairimu said at the time.

Since then, it has become hard for her to either lie down or walk due stabbing sensation from the needle that was left in her body.

The pain worsened last week and she was rushed to a different hospital where an X-ray was carried out and the position of the needle was marked. Upon returning to Kirwara Hospitals medics informed her that they could not find the piece of the needle.

Evalyne is currently admitted at Maragua Hospital where she is awaiting advanced medical attention.

The county government of Muranga Health Department has said that it is investigating the issue and will issue a concrete report once the investigations of medical negligence are complete.

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