Why TikTok Live Feature in Kenya Has Been Disabled

People in Kenya can’t do live videos on TikTok anymore. The Kenya Film Classification Board said they want TikTok to remove that feature.

The CEO, Joel Wamalwa, talked about it an interview with Lilian Muli on Citizen TV on Friday, Sep 8 and said they want to control what people post on the internet.

They talked to TikTok about making money from content and making sure content is safe.

“We engaged them to study their business model. After understanding the business model because of the public concerns raised on what goes to that particular platform we had to also draw the attention onto it,” he told

Wamalwa said certain Kenyan content violates Tiktoks community guidelines.

“We have asked them that the lewd character, sexualized content that are being uploaded on their platform should be taken down immediately.”

The CEO said even KFCB guidelines have been violated

“So Tiktok has committed that content users on their platform will really need to ensure that their content really abides by the KFCB guidelines first before you upload them.”

He adds how this will be implemented;

“We’ve agreed that they are going to calibrate their system in a manner that once a content creator uploads his content there are some measures that are put in place and within that very process, a content creator will self-regulate, pick out some of those elements once you upload the document.

So you tick like a box and you say it has passed a number of classifiable elements, you are cleared with them then on their back end they will start or enhance their algorithm to pick out content that violates the community guidelines.”

He says this will happen before the content ‘flies’ on TikTok.

“The danger is it could be a minor who has accessed such a feature coz many parents have issued their gadgets to their teenagers. So they will be doing that live program behind the parent’s back.

What we’ve discussed with TikTok is that we have demanded that the live feature be disabled until they ascertain all the credentials that are originating from Kenya.”

He pointed out that the dirty content begins from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. TikTok will be taking down that content.

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