Kikuyu Gospel Musician Dennis Mutara Fallen Sick Admitted At Avenue Hospital For Rehabilitation

All is not well; Kikuyu Gospel Musician Dennis Mutara has fallen sick again after being admitted at Avenue Hospital for detoxification and later on going through rehabilitation.

His health status was announced by Karangu Muraya who revealed that the renowned gospel musician known for his vocals and composition has been sick for a while.

Karangu Muraya visited the gospel musician after he was tipped of Mutara’s situation being a close friend. However, he did not reveal where Mutara was suffering from at the time of sharing his health status.

A video that was shared by Karangu Muraya on Facebook revealed that he could barely walk.

At first, he resisted being taken to hospital but he was whisked to the car and taken to the hospital.

One of Kikuyu Content Creators, Nelly Digital, revealed that she had interviewed Dennis about one month ago and he was faring well.

Mutara Health History.

Dennis Mutara is a renowned Kikuyu Gospel Musician who has been missing in the public limelight for some time after he encountered a road accident.

Dennis Mutara
Dennis Mutara

Following the road accident, he was advised to go back to Muranga County where he stayed with his mother.

While staying with his mother, Dennis sank into depression and he allegedly became an alcoholic.

In an interview with Jeremy Damaris, Dennis Mutara was speaking incoherently while his body was shaking uncontrollably forcing Jeremy Damaris to rally friends to raise money for Mutara’s detoxification at Avenue Hospital and thereafter rehabilitation.

Other quarters claimed that Dennis Mutara had joined a Kikuyu sect namely Gwata Ndai which had taken root in some parts of Kiambu, Muranga, and Nyeri County.

The Gwata Ndai Sect has been advocating for making peace with the dead (ngomis) by paying their debt through offering sacrifices.

Those making the allegations claimed that the gospel musician had been appointed as a Medicine Man (Mundu Mugo) by the sect. This explained why the musician was always spotted carrying an elders’ stick (Muthigi).

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