Major Blow For Khalif Kairo As He Is Disqualified From Pulse Influencer 2023 Awards

Khalif Kairos’ aspiration to attain the title of Kenya’s most influential business personality has faced a significant setback. His nomination for the Pulse Influencer Kenya Award 2023 has been rescinded due to ongoing disputes with fellow nominee Maureen Bandari, involving alleged interference in the voting process.

Their disagreement escalated when Maureen Bandari expressed dissatisfaction with the manner in which Khalif was accumulating votes, leading to a passionate exchange of opinions. Their interactions sparked considerable attention and discussion over the weekend.

A formal notice announcing Khalif Kairos’ disqualification from the award process contains the following excerpt:

“Thank you for your participation in the Pulse Influencer Awards 2023.

Upon a thorough review of your online activities related to the awards it has come to our attention as the Pulse Influencer award committee that you have violated the stringent guidelines concerning voter buying as clearly outlined in the terms and conditions of the award, ” it says

Further adding

“Regrettably your actions directly contravene the principles and regulations of the awards posing a significant threat to the fairness of the competition and potentially undermining the award’s integrity” The committee attached screenshots of his online activity as proof of their decision.

He was in a tight race with fellow nominee Bandari and as of Sep 16, he had gained 47, 497k votes which was 45.07 percent, with Maureen closely trailing him with 41,184 votes representing 39.08 percent.

Kairo however wasn’t disappointed with the setback.

He has called on his fans to move forward, despite heavily faulting the exercise.

He called out the award organizers

” Anyway, awards aside. My name is Kairo. Khalif Kairo. kairo issa a movement” he shared his opinion.

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