Msupa S Warms Kenyan Women Over Summer Bunnies

Msupa S has some valuable advice for Kenyans eagerly awaiting the return of their loved ones from abroad.

The budding Kalenjin artist urges caution among Kenyans, reminding them to exercise responsibility when enjoying their time with those returning from the Diaspora.

Through her socials, she advised

“My sister, my brother, Msupa S is here again, to enlighten, to tell you that this is the season ma Summer bunnies wanashuka Kenya, pole pole. You know it’s currently very cold here in America. Like it’s so cold, it has started to chill and the snow is coming soon.”She lives in Minnesota.

Msupa says some of these men are just suffering from dry spells hence they aren’t in love.

“Be it men or women, they are all going to Kenya to have fun. Kutoa makutu tuu. I want you to be very very careful. You know you do not want to be brought for diseases ya hapa majuu. Last time there was super Gonorrhea. This time round chungeni msiletewe hii ingine- kisonono ya summer yote. Kuna mtu hajaona hii kitu summer yote. My sisters and brothers, I’m telling you everyone who leaves the US to visit Kenya wants that thing from home. They want to release, ajibambe, be careful. don’t be tempted, mtu asikudanganye, wewe Nancy na Njeri, nakuona sana” she shares.

Msupa added that they will come with sweet words plus dollars to convince you

“You are told ati babes I’m flying next week. Babe, will you come for me at the airport? As much as we all want to be in America through our lovers, as much as we all want that ka Diaspora babe, we want that small small cash, let’s all be careful. I am telling you the truth. People here are working many shifts, alafu hajaona kakitu in a very long time, alafu anangukia hapo kitu fresh, unadhani anangukia kitu fresh, we ndiwe unangukiwa. Usijaribu, utaletewa kaswende,”

She urged people to take tests before the act.

“Pima mtu, better precautions than cure I’m telling you.” The Utajua Haujui hitmaker launches into her dialect lecturing men for using Kenyan girls instead of marrying them.

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