Babu Owino And Mike Sonko Gang Up Against Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja-

Johnson Sakaja, Babu Owino and Mike Sonko;

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has been involved in yet another online spat with both Babu Owino and former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko.

This comes only a few days after Governor Johnson Sakaja and Babu Owino got embroiled in an online spat with name calling-

Sakaja in one of his tweets accused Babu Owino of using some white stuff – while Babu on the other hand accused him of being an LGBTQ member- something that has gone viral.

Johnson Sakaja Vs Babu Owino and Mike Sonko

The governor in yet another tweet, accused Babu Owino and others Tim, Lydia Kwamboka, Josephine and Kithu of planning to harm school going children at Asmara hotel- saying that they should leave children out of their plans and wait for him in the ballot 2027.

“Meeting at Asmara planning to harm children in the school feeding program. Babu, Tim, Lydia Kwamboka, Josephine Kithu, Tom Tinega.. leave the children out of this,”

“I’ll face you in 2027. Don’t poison children for your political goals. And you can’t, it’s their parents cooking. Or now if you’d like.
Nyalenda and Bungoma express.Lazima iWork,” Johnson Sakaja tweeted.

Johnson Sakaja, Babu Owino and Mike Sonko;
A Collage Photo Of Mike Sonko, Babu Owino and Johnson Sakaja

A tweet that attracted reactions from some of his followers including Mike Sonko, and Babu Owino and a section of Kenyans-

“Wewe sasa wacha umama kwani watu hii Nairobi hawaezi kukutana kukunywa chai?” Mike Sonko replied.

“Hapo tu ndio chai inauzwa? Coincidentally? Officers I’ve fired for corruption, junkie 1 na dem wako wa wash at the same place? My friend. Things changed. I’ll deal with you all. Cheki M-PESA nimekutumia rwabe,” Sakaja fired back.

“@SakajaJohnson you don’t know the importance of education that’s why you dropped out of school.I know that it’s education that will change the future of our kids that’s why I do teach them.I need to enroll you in my online classes coz clearly you are not in your right senses,” Babu Owino

In another separate tweet, Babu Owino called Johnson Sakaja as her excellency telling him to address the real issues and stop the side shows – the issues that he enumerated included; whether the children of Nairobi get food from country today, whether the parents paid for food that was not delivered or not,”

Babu added that he will keep Sakaja accountable especially keeping his pledges to the innocent children-

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