Huddah’s spiritual advise on how to deal with challenges


Beauty mogul, entrepreneur and former reality TV star Huddah Monroe is calling upon people to learn to be more religious.

In a series of Instagram posts shared on her stories the 30 year old Rich Beauty CEO highlighted how it is mostly when you are trying to pull yourself out of a terrible situation that life seems to be handing your lemons left right and center.

“When you are trying to make it out of poverty too many challenges will face you,” started off the entrepreneur.

Huddah went on to encourage people to learn to put their faith in God as at the end of the day He was in control of anything.

Please stop acting shocked Huddah, as per her stories, is very religious no matter how many tempting thirst traps she posts on her page. On several occasions she has made it clear that she practices both Islam and Christianity.

“Put God first!” The mogul encouraged maintaining that is the best way to deal with challenges.

Finishing up she went on to add; “Seek Him in all you do and your paths shall be clear. You can escape a lot by just being close to Allah!”

Seek you first the Kingdom of Allah (SWT) and all these things shall be added unto you,”

5 months ago when speaking about her spirituality Huddah said;

“I am both, I practice Islam and Xtianity,” started off Huddah before listing the top qualities that draw her to both religions. “I can’t get over praise and worship songs. And prayer, Islam all the way it’s direct,” finished off the beauty mogul.

On whether she was born a Muslim or converted later on in life, Huddah maintained the question had no relevance as there is only one God.

She encouraged her millions of fans and followers to educate themselves and wake up from what she terms “religious ignorance.”

“THERE’S ONLY 1 GOD!” Declared Huddah.


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