Mercy Tarus’s open letter to President Ruto over Finland and Canada saga

Mercy Tarus is appealing to the Head of State to intervene in the Finland and Canada saga and help victims get their money back.

The Kabarak University graduate was one of the kids impacted by the Finland education catastrophe, which has since become a topic of debate.

Mercy Tarus
Mercy Tarus, a young woman who gained notoriety after her video criticising Uasin Gishu officials went viral on social media, has appealed to President William Ruto for help.

Here is the open letter;
“Dear Mr. President.


We are writing this to you with broken and heavy hearts, with the hope that you will offer respite for this situation, for as time goes by, so does the hope to make our dreams come true.

Mr. President, we are students who have fallen victim to the lies and conmanship of the Usin-Gishu County Government. We paid monies in a bid to go abroad to further our studies but one year down the line, we are still here, withering in anguish and poverty.

The county government had promised us a swift process that would enable us to go to Finland and Canada under their study program, which has since come to light as a sham.

Your Excellency, Uasin Gishu County government officials led by Mr. Mandago, Mr. Chelim, and Mr. Barorot constantly lie to us.

They have taken this a notch higher and are now lying to the public that they are sorting out our issues and that we should be patient.

Allow us to bring to your attention that the initial 22 students and the subsequent 24 students who travelled to Finland were not part of the group asking for refunds.

As a matter of fact it is important to note that one of the aforementioned students was a county official.

Mr. President, when you were vying for office one year ago, you came home to Uasin-Gishu and said that this Government was for the hustlers, with you as the Chief Hustler, and we respect that Young hustlers in this county are now worse off this year than they were Last year due to the loss of their property and monies.

‘Some youth had to work odd jobs away from their qualifications, in order to raise the money that they paid for this program. Our parents sold their assets such as Land and livestock. We held harambees in our villages and others even secured loans in order to get funds for this program. Now parents are paying for Loans while their children are at home with nowhere else to turn for help.

Your Excellency, when you attended the Devolution Conference in Uasin-Gishu, you stated that we should be refunded, but one month down the line nothing has happened on that front.

As a matter of fact, they have now taken to chest-thumping and threatening the most vocal students in a bid to silence them. This begs the question, where are you? Why have they refused to listen to you? Why are the hustlers being threatened for standing up for their rights? Where are we headed as your home county?

While we appreciate your instruction to them to get us local scholarships, we have lost a lot of money and find ourselves in 3 positions where we are unable to take these scholarships due to our parents falling ill needing our care, and going on medication ourselves to deal with our depression

Mr. President, we seek and urge your swift intervention to ensure that the county government of Uasin Gishu refunds money to the students to allow us to once again begin working towards our dreams and take advantage of the local scholarships Your Excellency graciously offered us.

Yours Faithful,

178 Students of Uasin-Gishu County,”.

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